Exploring Public Art Classes in Harris County

Explore public art classes related to creating murals & graffiti in Harris County! Learn about Big Art Big Change project & how it inspires social change through art.

Exploring Public Art Classes in Harris County

The Harris County public library system celebrated its 100th anniversary with a mural designed by artist Victor Ash in collaboration with Street Art for Mankind and Central Houston. This mural was part of the Big Art. Big Change project, which seeks to inspire social change through art. Anat Ronen, an Israeli woman who arrived in Houston to work in a real estate investment office and became a painter, recently painted a minimural on the traffic control box on the corner of Willowbend and West Bellfort in southwest Houston.

This is part of an ambitious pilot program to discourage graffiti and bring public art to areas of the city where it is rarely seen. Houston has 546 art objects, but only 35 pieces are on display outside the Loop 610, where four-fifths of the population lives. Noah Quiles, owner of the UP Art Studio on Elysian Street, proposed the pilot project to bring civic art to communities that don't have much. He sees traffic control boxes as blank canvases brimming with creative opportunities.

Ronen painted a vine as a kind of camouflage so it looks like a part of the vegetation. Rose Corder, a resident of Willowbend, loves the Ronen mural and hopes that a traffic box in Willowbend and Cliffwood will receive similar treatment. Minimurals are also helping to create a sense of community. The program was a good fit for the ongoing beautification campaign, Clean it up, Green it up, in which 2000 trees were recently planted.

It also supports local artists who are absolutely incredible. Ronen became a professional street artist by mistake after arriving in the United States nine years ago. He applied for an artist visa and was recently hired by Baker Hughes to paint murals for exhibitions at conventions in Houston and Denver. He's also 32 feet away from completing a 250-foot mural at Blackshear Elementary School that recreates community selfies.

The Houston Arts Alliance launched programs with other city departments that take art beyond the Loop. More than half a dozen teams of artists created installations inside containers (PODS) that have traveled around the city since last fall. The city also launched an ongoing artistic parking meter program that began in the warehouse district and along Washington Avenue. The mayor's office of cultural affairs, the public works department, the alliance, the Brays Oaks and Five Corners administration districts and the non-profit organization Fresh Arts are helping to raise funds for more minimurals.

However, private funding will likely be needed to continue the program. Are there any public art classes related to creating murals and graffiti in Harris County? Yes! There are many public art classes available in Harris County related to creating murals and graffiti. For example, Paige engages participants socially and emotionally using art as a means to liberate themselves and restore themselves by exploring the emotion behind colors and the meditative movement of a brush. Marsha is a certified academic enrichment instructor by HISD who has met with Young Audiences of Houston through successful school residences in Harris County and beyond.

Joseph is a visual artist and performing musician who teaches workshops, residencies and professional development during the day, after school and on weekends. He describes his work as folk art using organic materials and ingenious artistic styles to combine art and nature. The Mural Fest included activities such as creating their own artistic activities through the Art Bus and Curiosity Cruiser. Mack Bishop's art program allows students to participate and express themselves in a wide range of artistic mediums consisting of paper, paint, plastic, wood, and acrylic glass.

Digital art participants can also explore their creativity through this program. Overall, there are many public art classes available in Harris County related to creating murals and graffiti that allow people to explore their creativity while learning about social change through art.

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